Opteo works best when used across all account managers in your agency.

Inviting team members is easy. Just head over to your Account Settings by clicking on your avatar at the bottom of the left side-bar:

The first section in your account settings is “Team Members”. Just click the “Add New Team Member” button and enter their name and email:

And that’s all there is to it! 

Your team member will receive an email invite that looks like this:

Clicking the link in the email will prompt them to (1) create a password, followed by (2) connecting their MCC. 

Note that each team member is responsible for connecting their own MCC. In other words, they don’t inherit any of the accounts that you - the admin - owns. 

This is because when they make changes via Opteo, we want those changes to be under their MCC email in the Adwords change history, not the admin’s email! 

If all team members share an Adwords MCC, then each member will have to connect that MCC.

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