Agencies - How to Close an AdWords Client

Today I want to show you a very powerful technique that's helped me close many, many new AdWords clients.

It was originally inspired by one of my mentors, Ramit Sethi - he calls it the briefcase technique.

I used to spend HOURS building out these AdWords "briefcases."

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped back in those days:


I used to use SEMRush, SpyFu, WhatRunsWhere, Moz and URL2PNG to build these.

Today however, Altus can do something just as impactful for you in a tenth of the time it would take to do manually.

Here's how:

  1. Ask your prospect for temporary AdWords Access
  2. Sign Up to Altus - free for 30 days - plenty of time build your briefcase
  3. Brew a beverage of choice while Altus crunches all your data
  4. Curate recommendations about ad creatives, conclusive ad split tests, geo and hour of week bid modifiers.

I hope you actually go and try this out. It's never failed me. I've made a quick video below which will give you some ideas. Fast forward to 12:30 to see how Altus can do it for you the fast way.

Get Altus Now - 30 days free - then starts at $97/mo