Why exclude site category options?

Site category options are often overlooked -- in AdWords, they are enabled by default and hidden away deep within the Display Network section. You can find them at the bottom of any of the Display Network targeting tabs, such as Campaign > Display Network > Topics > Site Category Options. 

Advertising on websites within these categories often wastes budget, and the association with your brand might be harmful. 

The site categories are the following:

🚨  Crime, Police and Emergency
💀  Death and Tragedy
💣  Military and International Conflict
💩  Juvenile, Gross, and Bizarre
🙊  Profanity and Rough Language
💋  Sexually Suggestive Content
🚫  Parked Domains
😵  Error Pages
🎮  In-game

How does this improvement work?

You'll see this improvement if we've noticed that one of your campaigns' settings allows your ads to be displayed in at least one of the potentially harmful site categories. By implementing this improvement, we'll block the currently allowed site categories.

Note that if your website is explicitly related to any of these categories, you should dismiss this improvement and set these preferences manually.

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