How excluding ad placements reduces wasted spend.

Just as you can target placements (specific pages, websites, mobile apps and video) in the Google Display Network to show your ads, you can also exclude placements where you don't want your ads to show. In particular, you might exclude websites or domains that aren’t appropriate for your brand and that aren’t helping you to sell your products or services. 

Excluding underperforming placements will reduce your CPA and allow you to spend more on well performing placements.

How does this improvement work?

We analyze your entire placement performance report. If ads on certain websites are flagged as performing badly, we'll suggest you exclude them.

By default, we'll add the placement to a list called "Shared url placement exclusion list (url_placement)". If you would rather use another negative list, you can select ithat instead.

We'll show you all the campaigns found in your account that contain the poorly performing placement.

Technical notes:

  • We look at the last 180 days of data. 
  • We ignore placements with less than 100 clicks.
  • We're quite lax with Placements -- To be flagged for exclusion, a placement needs to have spent over 3x your target CPA.
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