Why Disable Search Partners?

In AdWords, Search Partners are enabled by default for search and Google Shopping campaigns. When enabled, your ads will be displayed on other properties that Google own or have partnerships with (ex: Google Maps, YouTube, Ask.com and 100+ others).

For search partners, you have no control on placements and there is no bid adjustment option (all keyword and product group bids must be the same as the bids within the main campaign) for search partners ads.

Apart from those two key factors, there is no real problem with having Search Partners enabled. The truth is, that search partner network is still somewhat of a black mystery box. Some advertisers see better return on their Partner spend than on Google spend, and there are also those that see significantly worse relative partner performance. 

The only way to know whether you should have the search partner setting enabled or not is to look at the data. Opteo will do that for you and provide you with a comparison of both networks' performance (CPA).

You'll want to disable Search Partners if its CPA is significantly higher than Google's.

What Does This Improvement Do?

If you see this improvement, it means that we've found that at least one of your search campaigns is currently running through Search Partners and the CPA is a lot higher than Google's.

To help you decide whether to push or dismiss this improvement, we show you the difference in performance between the Search Partners CPA and the Google Search CPA, as well as how much was spent on both.

By pushing this improvement, all of your budget will be spent on Google and no longer on any Search Partner sites.

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