Why Pause This Keyword?

If you see this improvement, it means the keyword has spent a lot of your budget while converting very little. It is performing so poorly that we recommend pausing it completely.

To help you decide whether you'd like to push or dismiss this improvement, we'll show you the amount spent on this keyword, the number of conversions generated, the keyword's CPA, as well as the target CPA of the campaign group it's in.

Note: As for most of our analyses, we'll only consider conversions that you specify in your campaign groups. By default, all conversions are considered.

Details about our decision making:

  • We look at the last 60 days of data.
  • We'll ignore keywords that have only existed for 6 days or less. They need some time to mature!
  • The CPA of the keyword must be at least 3x worse than the campaign group CPA target to trigger this task.
  • If the keyword has no conversions at all, the keyword must have spent 3x your CPA target to trigger this task.

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