Why Add Frequency Capping?

Frequency capping refers to restricting the number of times an individual is shown a particular advertisement. With no frequency cap, your campaign will likely suffer from "banner blindness" (where users consciously or sub-consciously ignore your ads.)

Non frequency capped campaigns will see reduced CTR. This low CTR will hurt your display quality score, reducing your ads' Ad Rank and, in turn, handicap performance via higher CPCs and lower impression share.

Frequency capping is particularly important for remarketing campaigns since too high a frequency can make users feel as though they're being "stalked". Repeated exposure to the same ads is annoying, producing the opposite effect you're trying to achieve!

What does this Improvement task do?

This improvement appears when we've found that one of your display campaigns has no frequency cap. This means that ads in this campaign are likely to be shown repeatedly to the same people. 

To help you decide whether you'd like to implement or dismiss this improvement, we'll show you stats (from the last 30 days) detailing:

  • Cost: amount spent on this campaign
  • Relative CTR: your CTR vs. other advertiser's CTR for the same ad inventory
  • Frequency: number of times an ad was shown per "cookie" ie. user
  • Unique cookies: number of users who have seen ads from this campaign

By pushing this improvement, we'll add a frequency cap of 3 impressions per user, per day to this campaign. This will limit the over-exposure of this campaign's ads to users.

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