Why optimize ad schedule bids?

Bid adjustments are the heart of any optimization strategy. Discovering the particular day and time that your target audience converts the most can allow you to squeeze out more performance out of an existing campaign.

Ad schedule bid modifiers allow you to reduce your ad spend at poor-performing times of the week and increase your exposure at the best times of the week. 

How does this improvement work?

You'll see this improvement if we’ve found an opportunity to improve the performance of a campaign via ad schedule bid modifiers. 

If your campaign doesn't already have an ad schedule set, we’ll propose one based on data we've recorded. 

If you already have an ad schedule set, we'll use your existing time slots and apply our bid modifiers to them. Today, Opteo never modifies the actual time slots that you've defined manually in Adwords -- only the bid modifiers.

Wether we're re-using your existing schedule or proposing a new schedule, it will look something like this: 

Green bars represent time slots where we recommend a positive bid modifier.
Red bars represent negative bid modifiers.
Blue bars represent time slots where we won’t be applying a bid modifier.
White bars represent times when your ads aren’t currently running.

Deeper colors mean that the segment is further away from the CPA target.

We'll also provide a table where each row is an active time slot. You’ll find the time slots' CPA performance, the average CPA of the campaign and our recommended bid adjustment for each time slot.

When you push this improvement, we'll apply all of the bid modifiers in one go.

Technical notes:

  • We look at the last 90 days' data.
  • Your schedules will frequently have a lot of blue in them. This is because many of your schedule slots don't have enough data to calculate a confident CPA.
  • The bid modifiers range from -30% to +30%. If you've already got bid modifers, we won't overwrite them -- they'll be merged. For example, applying a bid modifier of +20% to an existing +30% bid modifier will yield a final bid modifier of  56%. Note that AdWords caps the maximum modifier at +/-90%.
  • After you push this improvement, we'll stop checking that campaign's ad schedule for 90 days to let the new CPAs settle after changing the bids.
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