Why write a new ad?

You should always have at least two ads running in each AdGroup to be on the lookout for winning copy. Ad copy tends to be undervalued by marketers, when in fact, it's one of the most important factors in making a campaign profitable! 

You can read all about the importance of ad copy and how to test ads in this in-depth ad copy testing guide.

How do write ad improvements work?

You’ll see this improvement when we find places where we think writing a new ad would make a significant difference to your account. This usually happens when you only have one ad running in an adgroup that generates a good amount of traffic -- our algorithm identifies that you’re missing out on some split testing.

This improvement task pops open an ad writing environment made to cure (or at least soothe) "blank page syndrome". It will show you previous ads you’ve written and competitors’ ads that you can use as a template by clicking on them. We've also included a search engine results page of the keywords in the adgroup you're writing the ad for so you can draw inspiration from the organic listings. 

Once you're happy with your new ad, you can push it to AdWords straight from Opteo.

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