Why You Need Adwords Tools and Training

Do you really need to purchase Adwords tools (and the training to go along with it) to be effective with Google Adwords? The short and by all means definitive answer, yes!

In case you haven't discovered this already, Google has no mercy, especially for those who aren't willing (or able) to give them what they want, and that is, the best experience possible for its searchers. This "triangle of stakeholders", comprised of Google, searchers and advertisers is the backbone of the Google Adwords business. While you might think that if you simply pay more, you can achieve success with Adwords, the truth is there is a far more to it than that. Google is determined to make sure to maintain the delicate balance of satisfying searchers, giving advertisers a useful platform, and making money from the advertisers. In essence, they are weeding out poorly designed ad campaigns so as to deliver the best experience for their customers. Makes sense right?

Simply stated, Adwords is not built in favor of newbies, and if you don't know what you're doing here, you can lose your shirt! You need good tools and training, or you'll soon find that this hyper-competitive platform filled with Adwords specialists will eat you and your budget alive.

Why are tools essential for your success with Adwords?

While it is indeed possible to perform all the various analysis on your own, what tools do is save you time and automate many of the tedious tasks needed. It also guides you in thinking in terms of data-driven decisions.

Think of it like a chef attempting to create a masterful meal with a blunt knife; he may get there eventually, but it will be an ordeal. Investing in yourself and in your business thorugh the use of a few select tools can help propel you ahead of all of those who don't.

Check out our tool, Ad Assistant and see how it can save you loads of time, and give you the data you need to make these data-driven decisions that are crucial to your success.

Where can you find quality Adwords training?

Since Adwords is such a complicated beast, it is a stressful game to have your eye on your account at all times without direction.

Learning the Adwords game can be hugely beneficial, especially when you get your skills to the point where Google is consistently rewarding you with better quality scores, lower CPCs and more traffic. The potential for acquiring customers is huge.

Latch onto the best training you can get your hands on. If you'd like to start by seeing how we run our own customer's Adwords campaigns and get them excellent results, check out our blog or spend some time in our AdWords knowledge base.