How to Design Landing Pages for Better AdWords Quality Scores

So much of our success with our Google AdWords campaigns depends on the infamous quality scores attached to our landing pages by Google. If these score well in Google's view, your clicks will be cheaper, more plentiful and you stand a far better chance at success overall.

Throw up an irrelevant, poorly thought-out landing page, and the opposite will prove to be true.

So what goes into making our pages pass muster with the powers that be at Google, and what can we do on our end to make them score well? Let's examine a few factors that definitely make a difference when aiming for better AdWords quality scores.

5 Best Practices for Constructing Landing Pages for Better Quality Scores

Create unique landing pages One thing you need to understand from the start is that you're going to need many of these. In essence, you're going to need a unique landing page for each keyword theme you're going after. One way to do that is by using a snippet of code. Check out this blog post for a thorough explanation of how we do dynamic keyword insertion. This can go a long way toward helping your page be more relevant.

Develop a system Since you're going to be making a boatload of landing pages for different keywords and for testing purposes, it's a good idea to invest in a software solution to help you easily construct these. There are a number of good ones out there, the two currently most popular being Unbounce, ClickFunnels and LeadPages.

Best Practice Make sure your landing pages are relevant, unique, and keyword-optimized, with tested headlines and copy. There should be no weak creative. Don't go overboard on your keyword density, but make it high enough so there's little doubt what your page is about. Around 5-6% should be right.

Technical aspects to be aware of Make sure you have crawlable text, and that your pages load quickly. This should be easily done, as there shouldn't be too many elements on the page to begin with. Opt for extremely little or no navigation: you want your readers to focus on one thing only, clicking your link. Have a strong call to action (CTA) and make sure that it is visible above the fold. Check out this terrific tutorial from Formstack on how to build the ultimate landing page.

Understand your purpose Keeping a singular focus for each of your landing pages will have the dual benefit of getting better quality scores as well as keeping things relevant for the user. Be intentional when setting up your campaigns!

Creating effective landing pages that get better AdWords quality scores is part science, part artistic endeavor. Check out this recent case study we did on a campaign for one of our clients, Navion, for our internal processes around creating PPC landing pages.